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The Essay Contest on Frank W. Schofield




The Essay Contest on Frank W. Schofield


Commemorating the Centennial of Dr. Schofield’s First Arrival to Korea and His Selection as the Independence Patriot of the Month of March 2016(MPVA)



Dr. Frank William Schofield is called the ‘34th Representative’ of Korea because he strived harder than anyone else for Korea’s independence. He photographed the March 1st Manse Movement, an effort to break free from Japanese oppression, which occurred in Seoul, Korea in 1919, and spread the news to the world. He also photographed the scene where Japanese soldiers forced people into the Jeam-ri Church, set it afire, and shot them dead.
Dr. Schofield was from Toronto in Canada and was a world-renowned veterinarian. He was an educator who raised the next generation, a friend to the suffering Korean people, a pioneer like a tiger who fought against injustice and corruption, and like a warm-hearted dove as he cared for the poor and the orphaned.

2016 is the hundredth year since Dr. Schofield set foot on Korea. In particular, the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) selected Dr. Schofield as the Independence Patriot of the Month for the 97th anniversary of the March 1st Manse Movement.

As part of our commemorative projects for the centennial of Dr. Schofield’s arrival to Korea, we are holding an essay contest for people all around the world. We hope to share the consideration and tolerance for humans, and devotion to the weak and love for humanity that Dr. Schofield dreamt of. Further, we wish to dream of a just society free of corruption. We hope many people will participate in the contest.

(Translation-KIATS Global Team)




750만 한국인 디아스포라와 외국을 대상으로 한 프랭크 스코필드 Essay Contest


오늘의 한국이 있기까지 많은 공헌을 했던 해외한인들이 조국인 한국의 근-현대사를 다시 한번 되돌아보는 기회가 되었으면 합니다. 일본의 오랜 지배와 남북한의 전쟁이란 격변의 세월을 겪어온 한국들의 모습을 세계인이 함께 나누었으면 합니다. 그리고 그 이면에 한국과 한국인들을 위해 헌신한 세계 우방의 지인들과 선교사들의 헌신을 함께 나누기를 원합니다. 약자를 배려하고 더불어 살아가는 삶을 100년 외롭고 비참한 한국을 위해 헌신했던 프랭크 스코필드박사를 통해 되새기고 싶습니다.






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